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Pre-Summit Series

Cracking the Confidence Code: For Women Leaders Who Want to Change the World
See Recording Monday 9, September 03:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Vinca Heart - CEO at VincaHeart.com

Vinca Heart is an award-winning concert pianist & former politician that helped bring down the Berlin Wall. She later moved to America, graduated from The Juilliard School and created many 6 figure businesses, serving as a Sales Expert, and is best known for her specialty of serving High End and celebrity clientele. She has coached and counseled members of the German Parliament, CEO’s, Oscar nominees, Grammy Winners, Tony winners and other influential VIP’s around the globe. Heart is the creator of the Money Codes for High End Sales. Why are some entrepreneurs exceeding while others are struggling? What’s the difference between a business flooded with new clients and those that are desperately hoping the phone will ring? Confidence. Clarity. Connection. What you will learn specifically:
  • Create Your Revolution - How to Be Bold, Be Seen, & Share Your Passion3 Secrets to Create Your Revolutionary Brand
  • Fill The Ranks - How to Attract the Movers, Shakers & DreammakersStep-by-Step Systems to Fill the Ranks with Clients, Joint Ventures, & Strategic Partners
  • Be The Leader - How to Become a Recognized Force within your Industry#1 Mistake to Avoid as the Leader as You Step Into the Spotlight
Steps Toward IMPACT for Emerging Global Leaders
See Recording Tuesday 10, September 09:00 AM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Janet Salazar CEO and Founder at Impact Leadership 21

Janet helps women get to the top. Her expertise is assisting women leaders and executives of multicultural background in creating profound, long-lasting impact in their organizations and personal lives. She is a confidential advisor and sounding board to top women executives, CEOs, government leaders, diplomats, artists, visionaries, nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and emerging women leaders across the globe. Janet’s clients span four continents: North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The 21st century’s rapid changes in all cultural, social, and economic spheres across the globe have brought about a need to transform the area of leadership to reflect these shifts. As the leaders have to be able to successfully navigate today’s fast-changing, global, and hyper-connected world, there is a need for a new generation of leaders able to set and carry out their visions for tackling current problems and creating an environment of sustainable growth. This 45-minute presentation is designed to inspire and empower young women by fostering in them competencies of a successful global woman leader. These set of skills and competencies will be highlighted in details throughout the presentation, with special focus on having a balance between learned leadership skills such as innovative, multicultural and collaborative leadership, and soft skills such as "communicating the authentic leader in you", passion, attunement and tenacity. What you will learn specifically:
  • Participants will learn about the bigger picture of the current state of women's global leadership, challenges and opportunities.
  • Participants will learn about the required global skills and tools needed to effectively navigate this hyper-connected world.
  • Participants will learn HOW they can use these set of tools and skills and become effective as future global leaders.
Voice of Woman's Success
See Recording Tuesday 10, September 12:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Amy Applabaum Author, consultant, speaker and success coach

Author, consultant, speaker and success coach AMY APPLEBAUM has helped thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world break through barriers inhibiting their success and happiness via her groundbreaking "Six Step Process." Her recently launched "Release Your Inner Millionairess" coaching club, targeting women entrepreneurs, has given her a platform to help even more women and has been met with rave reviews by clients. Amy is a frequent television guest, having appeared on ABC News, CNN, TLC, LX New York, Dr. Drew's Lifechangers and Martha Stewart Radio. She has been featured and quoted as an expert in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, Cosmopolitan, Teen, Woman’s World and Shape to name a few. If you want to learn specifically, why you’re not making the money you deserve and what to do about it, please join us. What you will learn specifiaclly:
  • What has to happen in order for someone to actually BUY the incredible products and services you have created.
  • How you are repelling potential clients instead of attracting them.
  • The number one reason why business owners fail!
Intro: The Eight Gender Blind Spots between Men and Women in Business
See Recording Tuesday 10, September 02:30 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

John Gray, Ph.D. is the best-selling relationship author of all time and communication expert.

Author of 17 books, sold over 50 million copies, including The New York Times #1 Best-Selling Book of the last decade, MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS. Leading expert in the fields of communication and relationships. John's advice can be easily used to improve relationships at home and in the workplace. John Gray, Relationship expert and International Best Selling author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, has released his new book “Work with Me”. John will discuss gender smart communication skills, understanding gender appropriate approaches to motivate men and women, improving communication between the sexes and more. What you will learn specifically:
    • Gender Smart communications skills for business success
    • Understanding gender appropriate approaches to motivate men and women
    • Understanding how men and women are motivated differently
    • Check out John's video introduction to the 8 Gender Blindspots here:
Online communities – the trend that’s changing the world
gina bianchini
See Recording Wednesday 11, September 09:00 AM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Gina Bianchini - Founder & CEO at Mightybell, Co-founder Lean In

Social networking pioneer, high-tech CEO, serial start-up entrepreneur, and headliner on Fortune magazine's "40 under 40, The Huffington Post's 10 technology Ultimate Game Changers, 7x7 magazine's Hot 20 Gina will share her story of building online communities, and outline the current trends in online communities and how they are changing the game. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Practical information and inspiration and up to date information on the game changing trends with online communities.
  • How to build online communities for social change
  • First steps to get started
Taking Your Career to the Next Level: Find Your Place on the Board
See Recording Wednesday 11, September 12:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Dana Kunz - Executive Director of Watermark’s Board Access™ program

The key to accessing board opportunities is to position your credentials to appeal to the business requirements of the boards most relevant to your expertise. This session will give you an overview of the following.
  • The four types of boards
  • Basic qualifications for board service
  • A quick questionnaire about whether board service is for you
Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Pursuing board service is an opportunity to elevate both your network and your career
  • It takes a woman 2.4 years to secure a board seat, the time to start is now.
  • Whether board service is a good fit for your career
Opting in: The keys to success for women in the workplace
See Recording Wednesday 11, September 09:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Kirti Lad – Director APAC, Harvey Nash

Kirti Lad is the pioneer behind the Women's Directorship Program, a JV between Hong Kong University Business School and Harvey Nash, Global Executive Search firm, a program which has been created in answer to the world-wide business community's call to tackle the existing gender diversity imbalance in boardrooms. They have joined forces with senior business leaders to create the first certificated, internationally focused, cross industry, board preparedness program in Asia, exclusively for Women. Investing in leadership development is a core component in unlocking your potential in the workplace and positioning yourself for a top management role. Kirti Lad presents the key lessons from the Women’s Directorship Programme that are applicable to professional women worldwide. This session will give you an overview of the following; The need and benefits of gender diversity in business – with a focus on Asia; The importance of training and skills development in career advancement; Training that works – the importance of personal branding, negotiation and conflict resolution skills and business ethics, in preparation for senior roles; Women need to put themselves forward – the confidence issue that affects women in the workplace; The key components needed for advancement (lessons from the Women’s Directorship Programme: Coaching – the benefits of coaching to develop key skills Mentoring – how to find a suitable mentor and the benefits of becoming a mentor to others Finding a sponsor – why sponsorship is important and how to obtain internal sponsorship Networking – the importance of networking and how to use your network to pursue senior positions Key Points/Takeaways: A global perspective on gender diversity – the value women add; The benefits of training and professional development; The four keys to success in the workplace
"Unleashing Women's Economic Power: the Essential Role of Men"
Shelly Porges Presenter1
See Recording Thursday 12, September 09:00 AM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Shelly Porges – Former Head of U.S State Dept Global Entrepreneurship Program, National Finance Co-Chair, Hillary Clinton PAC

Global strategy and marketing advisor for entrepreneurship, partnerships and business development for a number of non-profit and for-profit organizations. serves as the National Finance Co-Chair for the Ready for Hillary PAC, and President of the North American Jury for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards. Much has been written about the critical importance of fostering women's economic empowerment and promoting their leadership. Research shows that companies thrive and outperform their competition when they have more diverse teams, management and boards. Countries can materially increase their GDP when more women participate in the economy. To this end, a number of important strategies have been identified and deployed to increase women's economic participation. But one strategy that has not been deployed is mobilizing men as champions for the greater good of all. This talk will address the why and the how of engaging men to accelerate unleashing this potential. What you will learn specifically:
  • Increasing women's economic participation can increase the economic performance of both companies and countries.
  • Strategies that have been deployed to achieve the above include:  training and capacity building, teaching financial literacy, fostering women's entrepreneurship, providing access to capital and markets, mentorship programs, et al.
  • Even with women's significant progress, men make up the vast majority of decision-makers, whether as CEOs, managers, company founders or funders.
  • Mobilizing men to be champions of women's economic empowerment is critical to accelerating women's progress for the benefit of all.
  • Various strategies will be outlined.
How the lean start-up is accelerating innovation!
gwals-presenter-Janet Sernack-v4
See Recording Thursday 12, September 12:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Janet Sernack Founder and CEO of ImagineNation™

Janet brings the innovation management process “to life”, by partnering with clients, to custom design a range of targeted and specific corporate learning processes, including online tele-seminars (The Coach for Innovators ™), theory based webinars, experiential business simulations (The Start-Up Game™) and awareness building innovation labs. Over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing, retailing and learning and development businesses to Australia’s top 100 companies. The Economist Magazine, in a recent article, ‘’Generation Jobless”, analyzed figures provided by the International Labor Organization, the OECD, and the World Bank Database, and calculated that, “all told, almost 290 million (15 – 24 year olds) are neither working, nor studying; almost a quarter of the planets youth”. Attributing this to the Global Financial Crisis where the newest hires were first to be laid off and also to the poorly run labor markets in some of the world’s largest and fastest growing populations of young people. The article states that this trend is exasperated by the mismatch between the skills young people offer and the skills employers need, resulting mostly from “poor basic education”. “Necessity” is causing the world to attend to this disturbing trend, evidencing the need for systemic changes in the education “education-work-employment paradigm!” This session will explore how this situation is also creating the possibility of getting businesses, academic institutions and governments to work together, within an innovative eco-system context, to develop young people as potentially Start-Up business entrepreneurs! Janet will share the results of her own three year learning journey both as a Start-Up entrepreneur and as a business coach to number of Israeli Start-Ups, as well as the critical success factors behind successful and scalable Start-Ups. What you will learn specifically:
  • What Start-Up entrepreneurship means and why it is important to break the “education-work-employment” paradigm.
  • What are the key critical success factors required to create a Start-Up?
  • What is an innovative eco-system and how can one be built?
Women Changing the World
See Recording Thursday 12, September 05:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Linda Alepin- Founding Director of the Global Women's Leadership Network (GWLN.org) and Dean's Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University.

Recipient of the 2013 American Association of University Women Eleanor Roosevelt award for her work with the Global Women's Leadership Network. Linda has been a pioneer and visionary all her career. She was one of the few women graduates from Stanford University in the sixties to choose a career in the information technology industry. She first joined IBM in its newly formed emerging business segment. As this part of IBM grew into a thriving division, she made a name for herself in sales, development, and management. This session will feature the leadership stories of several amazing women leaders who are using their power and skills to change the world at a grassroots level. They all have one thing in common -- they are graduates of Women Leaders for the World, a residential training program from Global Women's Leadership Network. Their statistics, narratives, and leadership approaches will bring a depth of understanding that will leave an indelible impression on everyone who views it. The stories include: 1. Gemma BulosDirector - Global Women’s Water Initiative for Africa 2. Sandhya Puchapelli -Executive Director, Aarti Homes, India 3. Selin Oz - Program Manager, Women Entrepreneurial Loans, Garanti Bank, Turkey By the end of the session, each audience member will be able to relate facts about three global women's issues and know how these are being addressed in three different regions. The call to action will be to get involved in some way in the challenges of the global equity gap. What you wiil learn specifically:
  • Women Leaders are having an impact in many parts of the world
  • Leadership flowing from passion and commitment is a powerful force
  • Localized programs are attacking larger social issues
Grow Your Leadership Courage To Succeed In A Fearful World
See Recording Thursday 12, September 06:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Margie Warrell - Forbes Columnist, Bestselling Author & CEO of Global Courage

Drawing from her background in Fortune 500 business, psychology, and executive coaching, along with her diverse personal experiences, Margie Warrell is passionate about empowering people globally to expand their vision, engage in bigger conversations, and lead more courageously. A Forbes columnist and bestselling author, her most recent book Stop Playing Safe has quickly become an Amazon Bestseller with insights from trailblazing leaders including Kathy Calvin, President of the UN Foundation. Described as a ‘powerhouse of inspiration, insight and practical advice’ by her client organisations – which include NASA, Ernst & Young, and Oracle - Margie is also a sought after expert media contributor with advice featured on The Today Show, FOX News, CNN, Sunrise, and O Magazine. Every day we make countless decisions that impact our performance, productivity and ability to build trust and grow influence. Yet many decisions are guided by fear – fear of failure, rejection, confrontation or change. Based on Margie’s new book Stop Playing Safe (Wiley), this presentation will help you to rethink risk and the cost of playing safe, find opportunity in adversity, and adapt more successful to the changes and challenges of an increasingly competitive, uncertain and fast changing world. What you will learn specifically:
  • The neuro-science of risk-taking
  • The five core conversations for effective leadership
  • Four steps to over-come fear of failure to lead more courageously
  • How to cultivate a ‘culture of courage’ in your team and organization
Changing The Ratio: Visibility, Access, Opportunity - and Action
See Recording Friday 13, September 01:30 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Glynnis MacNicol and Rachel Sklar- The Li.st Co-founders

You can't be what you can't see! Visibility is the first step towards increased access to opportunity; be it jobs, promotions, or funding. As a woman it's often not enough to be good, and qualified, you also have to be top of mind, and discoverable. Rachel Sklar is a writer and social entrepreneur based in New York. She is the co-founder of Change The Ratio, which increases visibility and opportunity for women in tech & new media, and TheLi.st (supported by theKnight Foundation). A former lawyer who writes about media, politics, culture & technology, she was a founding editor at Mediaite and theHuffington Post. She has written things on trees (e.g. New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, National Post, Glamour, Elle) and online (e.g. The Daily Beast, Mother Jones, Politico, Mashable) and she speaks widely at conferences, events and on TV. She is also the co-host of “The Salon" on The Jewish Channel (check local listings!). Occasionally, she sings. Glynnis MacNicol is a writer and co-founder of The Li.st. Previously she was the Media Editor at Business Insider and a founding editor of Mediaite.com. She contributes to Capital New York. During the 2008 election year she was a regular contributor to Playboy.com. Her work has also appeared in print and online for publications including Marie Claire, The Daily Beast, Outside, Macleans, and Aol Opinion. She began her media career as an associate editor at the Huffington Post media blog 'Eat the Press' and as the editor of FishbowlNY. Before that she was a book publishing spy. Glynnis frequently speaks on the intersection of media and politics and has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, CBC, Al Jazeera, and CNN's Reliable Sources.
Be Yourself and Win
See Recording Friday 13, September 12:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Magatte Wade - Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Tiossan

Magatte Wade is a serial entrepreneur whose first company, Adina World Beverages, based on indigenous Senegalese beverage recipes, became one of the most widely distributed U.S. brands started by an African entrepreneur. Her second company,Tiossan, offers skin care products based on indigenous Senegalese recipes online and at high-end boutiques. Forbes magazine named Magatte Wade one of the “20 Youngest Power Women of Africa.” Do you feel as if you need to hide who you really are in order to succeed in the world? What if you could become even more successful by being even more authentic? Magatte Wade has succeeded by being an outspoken entrepreneur who has created companies based on the culture she loves. She will talk through how to shape your authentic passions so that you can achieve success while being yourself. Key Points/Takeaways: Many women pretend to be someone they aren’t because they think that will make them more successful. By means of a frank examination of what is valuable within you and what is valuable in the professional world, you can design a personal strategy for integrating the two.As you consider your desire to integrate your authentic self with your professional life, you will begin to make professional decisions that allow you to continue to deepen that integration. Ultimately you will become a more happy, fulfilled, and successful person by integrating your authentic self with your professional career.
The ONE High Impact Way to Advance Your Career
See Recording Monday 16, September 08:00 AM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Rania Anderson Leading authority on professional women in developing and emerging economies, Rania coaches, advises, interviews, writes for and invests in business women globally.

Rania founded The Way Women Work in 2010 for specifically for women in emerging and developing economies. This global platform offers culturally-relevant career and business advice, and shares the paths to success from professional women around the world. As a rich source of practical, expert advice, The Way Women Work not only helps women advance, but inspires and equips educated women in emerging economies for their roles as the future of the global workforce. Rania's articles are published in Forbes.com, Huffington Post, Women 2.0, The NextWomen Business Magazine, and the Kansas City Star and she has presented to and delivered training to women from all around the world. When women use the same career management approaches as their male counterparts they still advance less than their male colleagues and achieve slower pay growth. To get ahead, learn the three specific career and business advancement strategies work best for women. What you will learn specifically:
  • Which three career management strategies will have the greatest impact on their careers.
  • Specific actions necessary to implement the 3 strategies.
  • Research and findings regarding best career advancement strategies for women.
What women don't know about male leaders that really matters!
See Recording Monday 16, September 12:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Rayona Sharpnack - President at Institute for Women's Leadership, Author.

Showcased in Fast Company, Working Mother, and The New York Times and featured author in Enlightened Power, and along with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, in Goddess Shift: Women Leading for Change. Her newest work is focused on Engaging Men to Advance Women. For decades women have been blaming men for their unconsciousness, apathy and indifference to the plight of women's equality. What you will learn specicifically:
  • What is the double bind that men face if they support women?
  • How did growing up male create lifelong blind spots?
  • What are a man's deepest fears about sharing power?
  • What steps can men and women take to open up this conversation?
‘Talk does not cook rice’ (Chinese proverb)
See Recording Monday 16, September 06:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Pamela Young: author, strategist, change agent, culture specialist

Pamela is a globally experienced executive director and strategic change consultant. She has lived and worked in many cultures including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, continental Europe and the USA. Her cross-cultural and international experience with global businesses adds richness to her insights and vision for the future of business and society. She has recently authored and published a book about the need for culture change in Australia to boost diversity and productivity, stimulate growth and support our advancement into the Asia region. Its title is Stepping Up: Lead culture change for diversity and growth in the Asian century. Pamela interviewed 100 leaders from 16 cities and 26 industries across Australia and Asia for this work. You can learn more about the book from its website http://www.steppingupaustralia.com.au In every nation we hear platitudes from men and women about the need for gender equality yet not enough real action occurs. In my session, I will share my experience of ‘leading culture change in communities and organisations’ and show you how to discredit the unconscious assumptions that people hold about the roles and value of women and girls in society which limit their participation at work. There are reasons why – despite enormous effort of many well-intentioned people – the needle registering the number of women in senior management around the globe hardly moves in a decade. I have outlined these reasons in ‘Stepping Up’ together with suggestions for how to avoid the Band-Aid approach to 'fixing women’ to boost female representation at top levels and I will share these with you. The only way to build sustainable gender diversity in your company is by getting-to-the-bottom of your organisation’s culture where the causes of poor gender equality rest unchallenged. In this session, I will introduce you to two organisational culture change frameworks that you can use to identify the assumptions driving behaviour in your companies that create the barriers your women encounter. Both these frameworks have been created over-time as I worked across many regions of the world so I know that they apply equally well in Western and Eastern cultures. What you will learn specifically: You will leave this session with a clear understanding of:
  • Why the presence and power of women at the top of business and society remains insignificant despite the all the rhetoric and investment
  • The most influential elements of a culture that must be managed and the challenges of change that must be addressed to get men working with women to resolve this issue
  • The logical steps that you can take to avoid Band-Aids fixes
  • The four most common ‘blind spots’ of an organization’s culture that could be undermining your gender diversity efforts.
LinkedIn and Women: Seven Strategies To Make Your Profile Shine, to Engage a Supportive Network, and to Create More and Better Business.
Viveka & Liora
See Recording Monday 16, September 07:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Viveka von Rosen - Founder, LinkedIntoBusiness

Viveka is known internationally as the “LinkedIn Expert” and speaks to entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations, and associations on the benefits of marketingwith social media, and in particular LinkedIn. She is the author of “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” (Wiley, 2012) Forbes 10 Most Influential Women in Social Media, Forbes 50 Most Influential People in Social Media, Social Media Today Top 10 Women in Social Media, TopRank’s 25 Women Who Rock Social Media in 2011, Host of the biggest LinkedIn chat on Twitter: #LinkedInChat Viveka von Rosen, author of John Wiley and Son’s “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” is a huge fan of social networking, and particularly LinkedIn. Since discovering LinkedIn in 2005, Viveka has made it her journey to learn and share as much as she can with her social media tribe.

Liora Mendeloff - President & Founder, Women Speakers Association

Liora Mendeloff is President and Founder of Woman Speakers Association (WSA). Reaching women in 120 countries on 6 continents, WSA is THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibility worldwide in order to fulfill their mission. Whatever her "stage"...be it the classroom, a boardroom, the floor of the U.N., Liora is dedicated to empowering women to authentically express themselves, build a thriving, prosperous business and cause serious transformation in the lives of their clients, companies, communities and the world. Liora brings her passion for supporting women to her work on the Boards of Global Women's Empowerment Network, Women's National Book Association LA and California Women's Conference. She is honored to be a Founding Member of Association of Transformational Leaders, an inaugural winner of The New MADE Revolution MAG's Top 50 Women Award and to have been designated as a Woman of Outstanding Leadership in Public Speaking by the International Women's Leadership Association. A passionate mapmaker and maverick at heart, Liora is bound and determined to shake up the status quo and break new ground for how women grow their business, their bottom line and broadcast their message to the world. This presentation will cover seven strategies specifically designed to help women create a more masterful LinkedIn Presence, resulting in more leads, better engagement and more business. Whether the audience is looking for more clients or customers for their business, congregants for their spiritual center, constituents for their candidacy or contributors for their non-profit, this webinar will help them develop the stratagems they need to take them to the next level of success. With step-by-step instruction and real life examples of other women who have excelled through their interaction on LinkedIn, tools I have developed and will share, the audience is sure to leave with implementable strategies in hand. What you will learn specifically:
  • A plan to optimize their profile with the latest features and classic strategies
  • Secret strategies for connecting and engaging with hot prospects outside their network
  • An implementable LinkedIn checklist for efficient and powerful engagement
Women, Power and Authentic Leadership – Secrets every woman should know to lead and live without limits
See Recording Tuesday 17, September 12:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Gloria Feldt - Co-founder and President Take The Lead, Inspiring Leadership Speaker and Author.

The bestselling author of No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, Gloria is an acclaimed expert on women, power, and authentic leadership and an inspiring keynote speaker who motivates with heart and humor and as a practical activist gives practical “Power Tools” for life and leadership. You will learn why women's advancement in business and politics has been stalled and how embracing power in a new definition will enable us to crack the code that had been holding women back. The research and pointers come directly from Gloria's best-selling book No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power as well as her own frontline leadership experience. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Learn what has been holding women back from parity in leadership as applied to participants' own experience
  • Redefine power and leadership in order to move from fear or discomfort to joy with both
  • Gain insights and inspiration to become unlimited in life and leadership
The Power of Positive Workplace Politics
See Recording Tuesday 17, September 06:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Jane Horan - Founder of the Horan Group, Author, Speaker, Diversity and Inclusion expert.

Jane Horan, EdD, author, speaker and authority in cross-cultural leadership, unconscious bias and workplace politics. She consults to Fortune 100 firms on developing inclusive and engaged organisations. Jane holds an Educational Doctorate from Bristol University, focusing on Asian Women Leaders, and has published articles on Unconscious Bias, Transformational Women Leaders, Action Learning and the Power of Positive Workplace Politics. Political Savvy is a critical leadership competency rarely taught yet always in demand. Misunderstood and ill-defined, the session discusses the origins of politics, the links to leadership and the benefits to organisational efficiency. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • To re-frame thinking on politics
  • To understand the value and role of politics and power
  • To accept political savvy as a leadership skill for the good of the organisation and team
Resilience and Recovery: Five Common Mistakes That Keep You From Bouncing Back
See Recording Wednesday 18, September 07:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Renita Kalhorn Peak performance coach, founder of Step Up Your Game Now

A Juilliard-trained pianist and martial arts black belt with an MBA from INSEAD, Renita helps entrepreneurs, executives and their teams excel under pressure of growth in fast-paced, complex environments. Fluent in Japanese, Renita has delivered leadership and development programs in the U.S. and Asia for Fortune 500 clients such as Deutsche Bank, Pfizer and Time Warner, as well as mental toughness training to executive teams and Navy SEAL candidates. In this fast-paced world we live in, every day is bound to bring unexpected or unwanted events. Which means that, more than native intelligence or talent, your ability to bounce back quickly and move on from setbacks is increasingly critical to achieving success and maintaining your leadership influence. Key Points/Takeaways: In this presentation by performance strategist Renita Kalhorn, you’ll learn the very human mistakes that keep you from being resilient, and the simple mental shifts you can make to be more proactive and confident, change your perspective and shorten your recovery time.
Spiritual Intelligence and Leadership Capacity
See Recording Thursday 19, September 12:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Cindy Wigglesworth - President, Deep Change

Cindy Wigglesworth, MA is the bestselling author of SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence (SelectBooks, 2012), a book that won a Hoffer Award for best spiritual book of 2013. In this session Cindy introduces you to her own model of Spiritual Intelligence. If you want to find a way to go beyond "EQ" to develop what your Highest Self, the 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) will help you get there. As a leader - SQ is the missing piece of transformational leadership capacity. If you want to develop your full potential to figure out "what should I work on next?" the 21 skills will help you focus your personal growth work to develop your full potential as a leader.
Manifesting Money: It’s an Inside Job
See Recording Thursday 19, September 05:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Deborah Price Best-selling Author, Money Coach, & Founder/CEO of The Money Coaching Institute

Deborah Price is the Founder and CEO of the Money Coaching Institute, which provides money coaching services and training to both individuals, couples and corporations. A former financial advisor for over twenty years with firms such as Merrill Lynch, Mass Mutual, AIG and London Pacific Advisors, Deborah left the financial industry in 2001 to pioneer the field of Money Coaching As women, we often have conflicted feelings about money, power and our value and worth that can limit our financial potential. In this presentation, you will learn to understand the root of these conflicts and begin to explore your own inner money dynamics, which greatly influence your capacity to create. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Explore common money conflicts that women experience.
  • Learn how our self-worth influences our net worth.
  • Receive an Introduction to the Eight Money Types
Intro: From Good to Great: Getting Women On Boards
See Recording Thursday 19, September 07:30 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Janice Ellig - Named by Business Week as one of "The World's Most influential Headhunters"

Co-CEO of Chadick Ellig, Janice focuses her search practice on recruitment of board directors, C-suite executives and divisional heads. Janice’s 20-year corporate experience includes Pfizer, Citibank and Ambac Financial Group, which she helped take public after a spin-off from Citibank in 1991. Co-authored two books: Driving The Career Highway, and What Every Successful Woman Knows. Janice Ellig will describe the forces of change at play on Boards in Europe and the U.S, the stronger financial performance of companies with more women board members, the role key stakeholders must play in board diversity and why, and show the strong pipeline of board-ready women. What you will learn specifically:
  • Board trends in the U.S. and Globally
  • How to prepare yourself and get your first board seat
  • The role and challenges of being on a Corporate Board
  • What Boards want
  • Why good governance needs great women
  • How to market yourself
  • How to develop your brand
  • How to build your network
The Ruby Shoes Revolution: Why Are You Afraid to Lead?
See Recording Friday 20, September 10:00 AM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Yasmin Vorajee Executive Coach and Mentor for Aspiring Women Leaders

Yasmin is an accomplished and passionate coach for women who aspire to lead others. With over a decade of education and experience in the field of people and leadership development, Yasmin is a powerful advocate for women to speak up, move up and lead more. The purpose of this session is to establish the desire to move from managing to leading and understanding the fears and barriers which prevent women from taking the leap. I will look at how to overcome them to become the leader they dream of being. The session will examine some of the basic fears women experience such as not wanting to be visible, worrying about what others will think and one of the biggest fears which is Am I good enough? I will focus on how important it is to realise many women hold themselves back the key is understanding that anybody with a big dream and a big ambition experiences the fear but I want to show them how to work past the fear and create a prosperous leadership identity which allows them to articulate what they want and how to get it. I will also provide an overview of the actual transformation so it's about taking the information and using it to create the transformation – the session is not just about providing more information which can lead to overwhelm but an understanding of how to move forward. The foundation of the Ruby Shoes Revolution is to empower and equip women with what they need to speak up, move up and lead more... Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Appreciate the difference between managing and leading
  • Understand the main fears which hold women back from putting themselves up for or taking up a leadership position
  • Know the concept behind the "Ruby Shoes Revolution" and appreciate how important it is for more women to step into their power so they can lead others in a positive and authentic way
  • Have an overview of the actual process of transformation " how to step into your power and answer the call to lead.
Global & Women Leadership: Focus on Asia
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Maya Hu-Chan - President, Global Leadership Associates

Asia has been the fastest growing economic powerhouse in recent decades. This rapid growth has provided increased opportunities for men and women across the region. Whilst the number of women in leadership positions in politics and business has increased globally over the last decades, women are generally still largely underrepresented on corporate boards and in politics in Asia. Asian leaders in general are also underrepresented in leadership positions in most multinational organizations. What are the main causes of underrepresentation? What does it take to become a globally influential leader in today’s business environment? Maya Hu-Chan, a world renowned leadership educator and executive coach, has worked and coached thousands of Asian leaders in Global Fortune 500 companies. She will identify key factors that hold Asian leaders, especially women, back from meeting their career potentials, and share key behaviors and competencies that will enable Asian leaders to be globally influential and competitive. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Leadership trends globally and in the Asia Pacific region
  • The leadership challenges and opportunities for Asian women leaders as well as Asian leaders in general
  • Key leadership behaviors and competencies necessary for Asian and women leaders to succeed
  • How to leverage their cultural strengths and build strategic networks to advance their career and achieve business success
  • Learn best practices for becoming a globally influential women leader
The Secret to Engaging Men to Support Your Leadership Advancement
See Recording Monday 23, September 03:00 PM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Ray Arata Author of Wake Up Man Up Step and An advocate for emotional maturity and accountability for men

Integrative leadership coach, diversity consultant and cultural facilitator, fascinated by a potent and strategic blend of leadership,diversity and culture in the workplace. Author and speaker , dedicated to his mission of empowering men to step authentically into their roles as fathers, husbands, leaders, businessmen and friend. Ray's new book, "Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up: Transforming Your Wake Up Call to Emotional Health and Happiness is a guide book that challenges men to respond in a new way to challenging and often painful life transitions referred to by Ray as a "Wake Up Call". Ray Arata shares 4 helpful insights that women leaders can use to guide their efforts in the support of men's engagement in being part of the gender equality conversation. This pre-summit session is based on key principles of Ray Arata's book, Wake Up Man Up Step Up, as well as 14 plus years of coaching and facilitating men towards emotional literacy. Topics include: Where are the men and why aren't they here? Meeting them where they are and understanding their journey, What will move men- asking the right questions, The ARATA code of conduct and how it supports Women and Men to "Step Up" in full partnership. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Using the right types of awareness techniques to educate men
  • Stubborn Truths about men
  • What men fear the most
  • What men really want
  • Full Partnership is an Inside Job and both men and women can reframe their personal contexts towards a win win if they follow a code of conduct
Tapping the Power of The Female Vision
gwals-presenter-Sally Helgesen-v4
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Sally Helgesen - Global expert on women's leadership

Ranked by Leadership Gurus as number 15 in its survey of the world’s most influential leadership experts. Author of six books, most recently The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work. Sally Helgesen shares her research on why women\'s vision-- what they see, what they value and how they connect the dots-- is distinctive and shows how women and organizations can leverage its power. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Why women's vision is distinctive
  • Why women's vision is undervalued
  • How this impacts the perception of women as leaders
  • How women can better communicate their vision
  • How women can gain by doing so
  • How organizations can benefit
Four Mental Barriers That Hold Your Career Back and How to Transform Them!
gwals-presenter-Nancy Fredericks-v4
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Nancy Fredericks Business Executive Coach, Thinking Partner, Consultant, Speaker, Writer

Preeminent Business Executive Coach, Thought Leader, Consultant, Speaker, Writer. Pioneer in the field of gender leadership. Co-author of Dancing on the Glass Ceiling, Tap into Your True Strengths, Activate Your Vision, and Get What You Really Want Out of Your Career (Publisher McGraw-Hill). This breakthrough book offers practical, tangible, yet cutting-edge career development truths. You will be presented with proven techniques that facilitate women identifying and overcoming four internal barriers (Limited Self-Belief, Victim Orientation, Rigid Mindset and Revering Status Quo) that often are the cause of stagnant or sabotaged careers—and hold you back from achieving all that you’ve dreamed. Because as Benjamin Franklin ascribed, ‘You can’t take full advantage of your outside opportunities until you’re prepared on the inside.’ And yes, these little insidious barriers are found more prevalently in women than in men! Session Takeaways: Female executives will learn behavior tips, tools and practical wisdom to transform negative thinking habits, by following the process of purposeful internal ‘languaging’ and external behavior changes. This internal reinvention process will transform unconscious harmful patterns into new attitudes and behavioral habits that enhance effectiveness and guide career journeys to even greater heights. Participants will experience the disappearance of much of their struggle for success and the appearance, instead, of unlimited possibilities. Key Points/Takeaways: Participants will dare to dream big and then set the foundation to achieve unparalleled results in their career and their company as they become skilled at:
  • Identifying ‘individual’ roadblocks to leadership success.
  • Recognizing opportunities where once only problems existed.
  • Producing exceptional results with less time and less effort.
  • Negotiating just as comfortably and fiercely for themselves as they do for their clients and company.
  • Responding to business barriers with a proactive, results-oriented mindset.
  • Gaining new levels of influence within their organizations.
Courage in Action: Stories from Successful Young Entrepreneurs
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Shama Kabani, Founder and CEO, The Marketing Zen Group

Shama is author of the best-selling book, “The Zen of Social Marketing,” and is an oft-quoted social media expert. Shama has been featured by Business Week, Dallas Morning News, Entrepreneur, Fast company, Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal and hundreds of blogs and social media outlets. She’s also an accomplished international speaker and hosts her own Web TV show, Shama.TV. The show addresses new media marketing topics, trends, people and relevant perspectives. She also hosts multiple business and technology segments on TV.

Juliette Brindak, Founder, Miss O and Friends

At age 10, Juliette created what is now Miss O & Friends. Cool, age appropriate and esteem building, Miss O reflects the needs of our community, offering character building opportunities (like girls getting their original stories published and sold in bookstores nationwide). Through www.missoandfriends.com, tweens can socialize, play, create, learn, exchange ideas, get help, compare experiences, get published and much more...all within a safe, non-chat environment.

Shradha Agarwal, Founder, Context Media

ContextMedia co-founder Shradha Agarwal has always had a passion for communication and launched her first media enterprise at age 9. While building ContextMedia from the ground up, she branded the healthcare media company as for-benefit, a successful for-profit enterprise that exists for social benefit, and focused on organizational culture architecture. Having led ContextMedia's product developments strategies for media and technology, Shradha currently designs and oversees the expansion initiatives that have doubled the company's growth year-over-year.

Allie Siarto, Co-Founder, Social Media Marker Researcher Loudpixel

At age 24, Allie Siarto co-founded Loudpixel, a social media research company that has redefined how companies approach market research. Rather than relying on expensive, time-consuming surveys or focus groups, Loudpixel helps companies better understand their customers by analyzing social media conversations that are already taking place each day. This research can be used to build out customer personas and drive brand planning, product development, strategic communications, media buying, customer service and business strategy. Session: At the center of each success story is a history of defeat, hopelessness, failure, insecurity and ultimately, courage. What separates the successes from the "what if" stories are giant leaps of faith that require healthy daily doses of daring perseverance. mom or taking time away from corporate America or working outside the home. This topic is related to these two concepts: 1) developing a career plan, and 2) managing change. What you will learn specifically:
  • Insights & advice from entrepreneurs who have built multi-million dollar businesses before the age of 35.
  • Inspiration to pursue one’s own journey with courage.
  • Strategies for addressing the large challenges and insecurities entrepreneurs face.
Quiet Influence:The New Wave of Leadership
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Jennifer Kahnweiler, PH.D., Introverted Leadership Expert

Internationally known speaker and Board Certified executive coach specializing in introverted leadership. She is the author of The Introverted Leader: Building On Your Quiet Strength and Quiet Influence: The Introvert's Guide to Making a Difference which have been translated into 8 languages and sold over 30,000 copies. In recent years she has delivered speeches in Vietnam, Spain and Japan. Her clients include the CDC, GE and NASA and she has appeared in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business Week. Participants learn how to make the most of six natural strengths such as taking quiet time and engaged listening to inspire others, provoke new thoughts, create change and challenge the status quo. They take a pre-presentation survey and learn an accessible process to help them ramp up their Quiet Influence Quotient (QIQ). Both introverts and extroverts will better understand how to make the difference they were intended to make. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Why quiet influence Is so needed in today’s world
  • An actionable framework called the Quiet Influence Process that leverages six natural strengths
  • How Quiet Influencers use Taking Quiet Time and Engaged Listening to Get Results
  • The Risks of Overusing a strength
  • Examples of Quiet Influencers
The 3 Keys to Feminine Power in Leadership
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Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Claire Zammit, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed women's transformation expert and a founder of Evolving Wisdom, one of today’s fastest growing companies specializing in transformative education. She is a co-creator of the Feminine Power courses and co-leads a thriving global community of over 200,000 women in more than 100 countries. In the last three years over 7000 women have graduated from her 7 week Online Feminine Power course. Claire is also a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum, which both supports and promotes a call to conscious evolution as well as Jack Canfield’s prestigious Transformational Leadership Council. She is the co-author the forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life. If you're like most women, you're feeling called to RISE! You can sense an untapped potential to create a personal and professional life of deep meaning, connection, love, creativity, and prosperity aligned with your deepest values and contribution to others and our world. And if you're like most women, you're also not quite sure how to access this deep source of creative power that you know is there inside you---in spite of the work you've done on yourself or the success that you've achieved so far. In Claire's life and leadership journey personally, and in her work with over 150,000 women, she's discovered that the KEY to awakening this power is the FEMININE. Unlike masculine power, which is the power to create things that can be controlled, Feminine Power is the power to manifest that which is beyond our control, including those things that your heart most yearns for-intimacy, relatedness, creative expression, authentic community, meaningful contribution and authentic success. Join her to discover the tools, practices and path for women awaken their power to self-evolve, self-express, co-create the future of their lives, and together, to co-create the future of our world. What you will learn specifically:
  • How to active your Feminine leadership "Power Identity" and why it's the key to realizing your professional potential
  • How to tap into your intuitive guidance system to make quantum leaps in generating your success
  • How to attract and receive support from others that you need to make the greatest different with your gifts.
Happy for no reason
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Marci Shimoff

With book sales of more than 14 million copies worldwide in 31 languages, Marci Shimoff is one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time. This is the latest breakthrough from this New York Times best-selling author, world-renowned transformational expert, author of Love for No Reason, Happy for No Reason, co-author of six Chicken Soup For The Soul books, and featured teacher in hit film The Secret. Her profound teachings are easy-to-understand … and her methods work! Having things and circumstances - money, success, relationships, health - brings a certain kind of happiness, but this temporary experience of satisfaction or joy soon fades and we have to hurry up and fulfill the next desire to feel happy again. To experience true and lasting happiness, we can learn to access the deep state of peace and well-being that already exists within us—beyond the reach of external circumstances. Then, no matter what is happening in life we are Happy for No Reason. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • How to raise your current happiness set point
  • Keys to cultivating happiness in your life right now
  • How to create good Happiness Habits
  • A 7-step holistic program to building your Home for Happiness and practical exercises that inspire and motivate you to experience happiness every day of your life, no matter what the circumstance
Marketing Gets You Known, Sales Gets You Paid!
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Judy Hoberman Award Winning Sales Expert, Judy Hoberman, is Featured Gender Expert in Sales and Business on Fox Business News!

As a former Agency Manager, trainer and veteran salesperson, Judy created a company that addresses the gender issues and differences that affect both Corporate America and the entrepreneurial arenas. A true entrepreneur with experience both in the Self-Employed and Corporate arenas. Selected by President of large Insurance Company with over 100 offices in 44 states, to train over 3000 agents on sales process, by breaking into manageable pieces and demystifying it. Many people don’t want to be in sales. They don’t want to pressure or be pressured into asking for money or the close. But, that is the basis of the sales process. What if you were able to be a top producer without having the feeling of being the text book case of a salesperson? What if all you needed to do was learn how to have a conversation that will make your close a natural part of the process? Most people confuse marketing and sales. The simple truth is that marketing gets you known and sales gets you paid. Let’s keep it simple and watch what happens! Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Communication is Key
  • Building Relationships Changes Selling Into Sharing
  • Listening Cements The Relationship
There's No Finish Line to Innovation
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Amy Jo Martin - Founder and CEO of Digital Royalty and New York Times Best Selling Author

Drawing on her experiences working with global brands and high-profile personalities, Amy Jo will share her lessons from the past five years on social communications and successful personal branding as a woman entrepreneur. Her presentation includes relevant case studies and anecdotes that illustrate how social communication tools can be used to connect with like-minded people and humanize your personal brand. Key Points/Takeaways:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how social communications tools can help you use your personality to reach your goals.
  • Learn how to identify your personal brand and develop a personal content strategy.
Women and Mentoring
See Recording Thursday 10, October 09:00 AM EDT SHOW IN MY TIME

Cherie Blair - Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

Wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, leading lawyer and committed campaigner for women’s rights, set up the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in 2008 to help women build small and growing businesses in developing and emerging markets so that they can contribute to their economies and have a stronger voice in their societies. Cherie Blair will talk about the challenges she faced on her way to the top of her profession and how she overcame them to become a successful QC, co-founder of Matrix Chambers, and continue her career, while taking on the duties of the wife of the Prime Minister of Britain. Specifically You Will Learn:
  • Cherie will give practical insights into how mentoring and technology play an important part in advancing women in leadership and business.

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