Dr. Michelle Pizer

Michelle Pizer is an award-winning PhD level psychologist with endorsement in both organisational and counselling psychology. A published author, Michelle has been quoted in various media including Business Insider Australia, Executive Style, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 9 and 6PR.

Michelle started her career at 14 in the rag trade and on the factory floor. She was quickly promoted to sewing seams. It was too soon. She found it tedious and shamefully offended her co-workers by asking them how they could stand such a boring job! Fired after only half a day, she learned early on about dignity and respect in the workplace.

From this valuable life lesson Michelle was inspired to work with people to make sure that their work lives and upward transitions are without unhappiness, wear and tears. Ultimately, she makes careers and corporations work seamlessly.

Today she works as an international executive coach, organisational and counselling psychologist, runs the Boss Better Course and Leadership Mastermind, and is founder and host of the Crack the Leadership Code expert interview series. Her clients have worked in organisations of all shapes and sizes. Some you may know include Google, ANZ Bank, National Australia Bank, Worley Parsons, Department of Education, KPMG and Goldman Sachs.