Dr. Lise Janelle

Dr Lise Janelle, is a Heart Centered Success Coach. Smart, dedicated people hire her to live great lives and get what they are longing for.  Since the age of 23, she has been a business owner, first running a very successful holistic chiropractic centre for over 22 years, ranking top 10% earners in Canada. Then she made a transition in 2004 to full time coaching and founded the Centre for Heart Living in Toronto which is dedicated to helping people experience true success with their overall life, not only their career. She is also the founder of the Global Heart Living Movement, which has a goal to reach millions and help them heal their hearts by maximizing their life potential. She is very inspired by it all as she calls it her ‘baby’.

She is the Author of You are loved and Conversations with the Heart, and she feels very fortunate to be part of the Transformational Leadership Council, which is an exclusive group of transformational leaders, many of whom were in the movie “The Secret”.  She was also a Canadian and Henley Rowing Champion, and she has done many crazy fun things like hiking up Kilimanjaro, and “La Haute Route” in the Swiss Alps. One quirky fact about her, which she bets you will have never heard of before, is that she was part of the first women’s team to do ice canoeing racing. Dr. Lise knows how to make it through many obstacles, whether it is a meter high of ice floats or her clients challenges.